Forgotten memories (blue_emotion) wrote in thatgoldenrule,
Forgotten memories

Eyes On Fire: A Merlin/Morgana S3 Picspam

This picspam was made for the current challenge over at merlin_land . Definitely not dial up friendly as it contains 267 caps ^^; I was going to do a Merlin/Morgana spam for all 3 seasons, but then I realised how long just the S3 stuff was and decided maybe not haha. Spam is just a straightforward spam, as unfortunately I'm short of time at the moment, but I hope you still enjoy it :)Also, this spam could really have been called 'Merlin & Morgana; Eye sex and murder attempts'because that's really all it consists of haha XD

Spoilers upto and including S3 Ep7.


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Tags: character: merlin, character: morgana, fandom: merlin, pairing: merlin/morgana, picspam
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